Thursday, May 28, 2009

Services: Yin-Tao Chi-Kung; Chinese Yoga,Meditation and JKD Self-Defense

Sifu Angie has been teaching in Midwood for ten years. She runs classes on a regular basis. She is a retired NYCBd, of Ed. teacher in her 50's and can do 15 pushups on the sides of her hands.She has a documented commendation for teaching meditation and yoga at the Fort Hamilton Outpatient Clinic of the NYS Office of Mental Health.Meditation is strictly secular. Classes are held both in Prospect Park and her Midwood Studio.You may learn more by googling Prospect Park Chinese Yoga /Yin Tao Chi Kung Self Defense applicants are screened for their need of this.Kung-Fu is not a game,nor a sport and we have a disdain for violence.


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