Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wanted: Good bike repair shop in Kensington?

I'm looking for a good bike repair shop in Kensington (CIA/Church area). Tires, air, brake check, etc. Any recommendations?


  1. For quick and dirty, dos amigos on E. 3rd between Ditmas and Cortelyou (almost to Ditmas). Nothing fancy, but they do tires, air, etc and very very reasonable. For more complicated, I have tried all around Brooklyn. There is a new shop on 9th Street and 6th Ave in the Slope that I think does a good job.

  2. I had a complete tune-up at repair shop on CIAve, near Cortelyou. I found that place expensive and it took over a week to do, w/ complicated hours for pick up. She was also a racist complaining about the number of black/brown people in her neighborhood.
    Far more likeable was the repair shop on 7th ave around 12th street.

  3. Dixon's on Union St off 7th. I know it's the Slope, but I've known them over 30 years.