Friday, January 9, 2009

Wanted: Good handyman

Anyone know of a good (realiable please!) handyman in the area willing to do small jobs on weekends or after work hours? Things like wiring a chandelier, small patch up jobs, proper hanging of things on plaster walls? I have found it next to impossible to find someone to do small jobs as they don't want to waste time on such work. But as a single apt. owner, having a handy man is essential. Preferably, someone who has a good grasp of english please. Recommendations welcome!



  1. I have had great experiences with Gene at Dynamic Home Improvement - 917-657-7395 - he's super nice, reliable, punctual, and does good work.

  2. Sergi 347-612-2537, he lives in Kensington I've used him a few times recently and have been happy with his work.

  3. I am a custom kitchen remodeler and designer
    i have 25yrs experience and have done kitchens for low budget and high end homes. I try and work with all customers on costs of materials and labor , homeowners are also included in the work to keep costs down if he so desires.
    Enough said my contact number is 330-883-8239
    Dan Detweiler
    I am also a custom homebuilder no job to large or small and have experience in all phases of construction and remodeling from foundations to handing the customer the final key

  4. wanted check your attics and garages for old fishing tackle boxes and fishing lures
    i am a lure builder and need some old lures
    330-883-8239 dan detweiler